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‘Tis the season… 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s been a difficult year. You and your loved ones deserve something special.

Hint: Earrings make the perfect gift.

Lola Brooks , Faceted Ruby Drops. Faceted ruby set in 22k gold. $1,500.

Priya Himatsignka, Miro Teardrop Earrings. Crystal & sterling silver with gold plate. $250.

 Hannah Keefe, Icicle Earrings. Shimmering sterling silver. $220.

Christopher Thompson-Royds, Forget-Me-Not Drop Earrings. Hand painted 18k gold with diamonds. $1,560.

 Heather Guidero, Golden Circle Ripple Earrings. Multiple hoops of 18k gold. $1350.

 Niki Ulehla, Green Garnet Druzy Earrings. Green garnet druzy, heat shrink tube, 18k gold. $650.

 Räissa Bump, Long Mica Drops. Oxidized sterling silver & grey mica. $390.

 Biba Schutz, Corsage Ribbon Clips. Oxidized sterling silver. $680.

Carla Caruso, Emerald Cut Gold Jewel Studs. Brushed 14k gold. $495.

 Barbara Seidenath, Silver Blue Color Asterisk Earrings. Sterling silver & enamel. $280.

Tracy Steepy, Blue Topaz & Quartz Teal Side Sparkle Earring. Blue topaz, smoky quartz, plastic & 18k gold. $420.

 Amelia Toelke, Northern Crown Earrings. Shining sterling silver. $375.

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.”

George Eliot


We think these gems speak volumes…

Wishing you all the very best this holiday season.