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Pieces so light and colorful, they make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Even in your own backyard.

Emily Cobb , Orange Lovebirds Brooch. 3D printed nylon. $180.

Manon van Kouswijk, Heart Beats Necklace. Wooden beads, wooden dowel, wood glue & thread. $1200.

 Carina Shoshtary, Yellow Nudi Earrings. PLA Bio-plastic, crushed stones & lacquer. $460.

 Niki Ulehla, Green Tourmaline and Ruby Studs. Green tourmaline, Chatham rubies, heat shrink tube, 14k gold. $450.

 Mallory Weston, Variegated Monstera Pendant. Hand-cut anodized titanium on leather. $240.

Carina Shoshtary, Pink Nudi Ring. PLA Bio-plastic, crushed stones & lacquer. $360.

Emily Cobb, Blue Sparrow to the Heart Necklace. 3D printed nylon. $220.