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SHOP PICKS : Gabriella Kiss - Walk in the Woods

 Through her renowned jewelry, Gabriella Kiss gracefully honors her enduring fascination with nature, with life cycles, with birth and death and the universe in between.

   Green garnet crystals & 18k gold.  $1,800

   Hand carved sterling silver.  $1,100

Sterling silver.  $600

Sterling silver, 18k gold, black diamonds & green garnets.  $2,800

Sterling silver, 18k gold & labradorite drops.  $550

18k gold.  $950

Sterling silver with 18k gold slugs and green garnet drops.  $1,100

Bronze with 18k gold slugs.  $2,200

Buffalo horn, bronze, 18k gold, diamonds, chrysoberyl & garnet.  $2,400

Bronze, 18k gold, black diamonds & rubies.  $2,400