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The entire Smithsonian Institution has over 32 million objects and specimens with a digital record and over 5 million of them including an image, video, or audio file.

We found some mid 19th century models at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) archives that held still long enough to be adorned.


All works One of a Kind. Like you.

Märta Mattsson, Cicada Earwing. Cicada wings, resin, lacquer & pigment with sterling silver post. $575.

Diana, Hiram Powers, 1853.

Biba Shutz, Black & Diamond Five Link Necklace. White diamonds & oxidized sterling silver, magnetic closure with safety clasp. $6200.

Cast of an Unidentified Woman’s Left Hand (two fingers missing). Hiram Powers, not dated.

Heather Guidero, Round Aquamarine Studs. 18k gold & aquamarine with 18k gold post. $400.

Ideal Christ, Hiram Powers, not dated.

Mielle Harvey, Moments of Sky (Brooch). Oil painting on sterling silver with stainless steel pin & silk cord. $800.

Joseph Henry, 1906. William Couper

Manon van Kouswijk, Bisou Brooch. Hand shaped porcelain, pigment, glaze, sterling silver & steel pin back. $450.

Ginerva (first version, unfinished), 1838. Hiram Powers.

Carina Shoshtary, Ringlings. PLA, found pebbles, cast resin, minerals, graffiti, buttons, rhinestones, found shells and barnacles, polymer clay, found objects, second hand jewelry, starfish, clay. $145.

Cast of an Unidentified Woman’s Left Hand and Forearm. Undated. Hiram Powers.

Emily Cobb, Dry Up: Snake Choker. Nylon, acrylic & lacquer $800.

Proserpine, 1839-1873. Hiram Powers.