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MEET THE ARTIST : Mallory Weston

Philadelphia based artist Mallory Weston just premiered her newest one-of-a-kind works at our gallery — and we’ve curated a great selection from the series for our shop.

‘Just like jewelry, plants and flowers are used to seduce and gifted to express love or affection.’

Mallory’s series,  Nodes, is a glorification of mutations, mistakes, and anomalies in both nature and technology. Her imagery involves the familiar landscapes of a digital world superimposed on the foliage of rare tropical plant specimens.  You know, the ones you’ve been hoarding since last year?

Weston has juxtaposed leaves and nodes with the markers of our transient technology: cracked screens and digital mesh. Just as plants die and decay, our technology becomes outdated and obsolete.

Constructed of anodized titanium, Weston’s work echoes the sleek devices that we depend on every day. Titanium anodizing allows her to capture vivid botanical color palettes while simultaneously providing a material link to cutting-edge computing technology.

Through this exploration of material, she has begun to incorporate computer-aided design in combination with her previous analog processes. The result is a hybrid process, using digital design tools to create unique hollow forms difficult to achieve otherwise.