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MEET THE ARTIST : Heather Guidero

Early on, Heather Guidero discovered a love for drawing everything in sight.

Formally trained at Rhode Island School of Design, she launched her namesake collection a few years after graduation. Her interest in using line to render drawings three-dimensionally results in unique explorations of volume, movement, and pattern that transform into personal and interactive sculpture on the body.

Innately wearable, Heather’s collection boldly accentuates your personal style, her considerations of natural movement enabling the jewelry to come alive when worn.

The graphic lines, textures, and patterns of Heather’s work are inspired by elements of modernist design, fashion, and urban architecture translated into ethically-sourced gold and silver. Select pieces are accented by brilliant diamonds or colorful gemstones.

Heather’s signature “carved” texture is created with vintage steel files on sterling silver and 14k gold.

The Eclipse pieces play with light, shape, and color. Contrasting shapes make a graphic statement with unique finishes and modernist layers.

Guidero’s pieces are simultaneously artistic and modern, taking into account the contours of the body and fluid movement.

Combing colorful stones and precious metals with elements of modern design, make for jewelry that is at once contemporary and timeless.