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How to Wear a Brooch Holiday Edition : Glitter Bomb

Make your own Glitter Bomb this holiday season by layering on the sparkle. You are sure to dazzle (in a good way), and you don’t have to be an engineer at NASA. 

This Anya Kivarkis brooch, made completely by hand of sterling silver, is based on jewelry in the classic Hitchcock film, To Catch a Thief.

Grace Kelly.
Cary Grant.


Movies reflect and magnify real life, depicting the fraught dramas, romances, and glamour of our wildest dreams. In a similar fashion, jewelry elicits desire—it embodies our aspirations, what, and who we could be. Kivarkis meticulously re-created jewels from the film, truncating and fragmenting them until the line between object and image is blurred – echoing the thrilling world Hitchcock created. You aren’t just putting on a brooch: you are walking out into the wide world representing an aspiration, a uniqueness, and a dynamic connection to the history of jewelry. That’s how to wear a brooch