Taurus Brooch



4 1/4 x 3 inches approx.
Sterling Silver
Handmade in a limited edition of 5

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For as long as humans have been wandering they earth they have been looking up to the sky for answers. The clusters of bright stars that appear as shapes amidst the specks are like gifts given just to us to help us make sense of a world and cosmos so vast and incomprehensible. Most often representing animals, a mythological person or creature, or a god, constellations have been used throughout time to tell stories of creation and belief, and to help us physically navigate across the globe. 
Charm bracelets function similarly. As we collect charms that symbolize experiences or rites of passage, the charm bracelet stands in as a personal timeline—again, helping us make sense of something as abstract and esoteric as the meaning of life. This piece is from Amelia Toelke’s limited edition series, Seeing Stars, and plays with the format of charm bracelets to make wearable versions of constellations. These miniature maps of the universe are like personal compasses that connect us to the past and orientate us in the present.