DANIEL KRUGER : Between Nature and Artifice


Text by Jorunn Veiteberg & Monika Brugger

Hardcover, 264 pages full color
Published 2014, Arnoldsche
8.6 x 0.9 x 10.9 inches

Very rarely does a jewellery artist manage to find new pictorial worlds of such a personal nature during the course of their creative work so freely and unencumbered as Daniel Kruger (born 1951, South Africa). His experiments with the most diverse materials, decoration, forms and structures testify to an exuberant creativity for which he was honoured with the renowned Herbert Hoffmann Award for Art Jewellery in 1987 and 2005. Daniel Kruger uses found objects of every kind, or quotes historical forms and decoration. The unusual combinations of materials as well as new interpretations of techniques used in handcraft and textile work unexpectedly, yet invariably, lend his jewellery pieces new perspectives and aesthetic pleasure as well as a decidedly erotic quality, as he himself says. The works illustrate Daniel Kruger’s curiosity with unconventional techniques and materials; they are also an expression of his awareness of nature and artificiality, history and tales, tradition and the present: sometimes ironic, at times restrained, but frequently also opulent and sensual.

view Daniel’s 2018 exhibition at SIENNA PATTI, In Decorum

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