Tina Rath

Preferring natural materials that have stood the test of time, Tina taps into the inherent beauty and “life force” or vitality that exists in exotic hardwoods, leathers, metal, and gemstones to name a few. Tina’s practice moves fluidly between studio jewelry and drawing. Sometimes durational, often physically strenuous and always executed with high attention to detail and a deep interest in the process, she explores ideas in distinct bodies of work and projects. Tina’s work is in the permanent collections of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC, the Museum of Art and Design in New York, NY and the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

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Tina Rath’s Requiem Prayer Mala is 96 necklaces based on combinations of the circle and the square and 12 clear quartz ovoid necklaces for a total of 108 necklaces. In Rath’s earlier work these same elemental forms make an appearance: thousands of lines are repeated in ink to make the concentrated drawings in both her Order of Beauty and Mapping Time series. These forms are not without profound symbolism and regardless of their banality are considered sacred. Sacred geometry, or the underlying geometry in nature, is believed to amplify our spirits. The circle represents the divine life force and is a symbol of vitality, wholeness, and perfection. The square is the symbol of physical matter and stability. Moving from a two-dimensional drawing to an object allows for the addition of a three-dimensional form, the ovoid. Adding a clear quartz ovoid, a stone considered to be powerful enough to offset negative energy the 108 necklaces create a complete prayer mala carrying our prayers, well wishes, and love to all those that have died.

Tibetan Buddhists call the state of existence between life and rebirth, the bardo. After a person dies, their soul travels through this bardo meeting all manner of beneficial and terrifying apparitions. Buddhists believe prayers and well wishes from those on Earth can help support those traveling through the bardo, easing their transition, and encouraging an auspicious reincarnation. And this is what Requiem in its essence is about: collective grief, collective prayer, and a compassionate, simple, and profound act that honors each person’s individual existence. LEARN MORE